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Sports Injury and Performance

Agile Therapy aim to provide the very best in Sports Injury and Performance within the Cardiff and South Wales area. Our Sports Injury and Performance specialist have extensive experience working with Elite- and Semi professional athletes, as well as the Weekend Warriors.

What does an Sports Injury and Performance specialist do:

In your first session you will have an in-depth assessment with the Sports Injury and Performance Specialist where you will be asked about your general health, activity levels, and past medical history to ensure you get the right treatment for you. The examination centres around your complaint, but other tests may be carried out to rule out other more serious problems. The Sports Injury and Performance will then discuss their findings with you to help put a plan in place.

Once your Sports Injury Specialist has determined your diagnosis they will use manual therapy techniques as part of an individualised program containing exercises, stretches, advice, kinesiology taping, acupuncture and other various interventions to ensure you are back playing sports as soon as possible.

Why Choose Sports Injury and Performance?

Top athletes are always looking for the extra 1% that can make them just that little bit better than the rest. And injuries can sometimes set you back weeks, even months of training. The sports injury specialist aim to recognize weaknesses and dysfunctional movement patterns, as well as taking into account the psychological stresses related to a complaint, making sure to address the main cause rather than the symptoms of a complaint.

What do I need to wear or bring with me?

You are advised to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts and t-shirt that allows our Sports Injury and Performance specialist appropriate access to the area that needs assessing and treating. However, in some circumstances the Sports Injury and Performance specialist may request the removal of an item of clothing to assess and treat an area efficiently. Please note that your dignity will be respected at all times during your visit to Agile Therapy.

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