Sport & Exercise Psychology Support

Agile Therapy’s Sport & Exercise Psychology service is offered by a Psychologist fully registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS CPsychol).

What is Sport & Exercise Psychology?

The primary aim of Sport Psychology is to help athletes of all levels manage the demands of training, competition and life. Support from a Psychologist would comprise of dealing with performance or personal development, exploring sports specific factors such as performing with pressure, managing transitions to a higher level of participation or injury. Sessions may include discussions on how to make lifestyle decisions, such as around eating habits, alcohol intake or emotional support during familial matters. Beyond athletes as individuals, sport psychology also involves working with management, coaches and family members if required.

Exercise Psychology is primarily concerned with using psychology to help increase participation and motivational levels in the general public. This may involve working with GP’s on exercise referrals or developing an exercise regime for specific groups such as offenders or individuals / groups with health challenges.

Why choose a Sport & Exercise Psychologist?

Sport & Exercise Psychology is a dynamic sub-discipline of Psychology, with a recent surge towards working holistically with athletes, ranging from youth to recreational to elite. Beyond competitive sport, physical activity is known to have an abundance of physical and mental benefits, so working with groups or individuals who are looking to include exercise in to daily life with the aim of improving well-being, is an equally vibrant area of Psychology.

If you are involved in recreational sport but looking for that extra “edge”; if you are an amateur athlete and have hit a wall, unable to move beyond the barrier; if you are an elite athlete having a tough time with injury; if you are a young athlete trying to manage the demands of college, training and a social life; if you are involved in sport, but finding it hard to manage your emotions due to a family illness; if you’ve been through a physical illness and would like to be more motivated to participate in physical activity; or if you just need a safe space to gain some perspective and off-load, then a Sport & Exercise Psychologist may be able to offer appropriate support. The above list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to contact Agile Therapy for more information or to schedule an informal conversation with our Sport & Exercise Psychologist.

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