Running Conditioning Class

Agile Therapy’s Running Conditioning Class/Workshop

What is involved?

Injuries are really common among runners, with an estimated 50-80% of regular runners complaining of some sort of injury throughout a year. Most injuries we see in clinic are related to two key factors: Poor strength and endurance in key muscle groups, and poor training habits.

In this class, Kirsty (Personal Trainer/ Sports Masseur) and Brendon (Chartered Physiotherapist) will look to take you through four of their top conditioning exercises to help keep you Agile and injury free. Whether you’re just getting into running, or have been doing it for years, this workshop will provide you with some key takeaway points to help put you in charge of your conditioning.

Our classes will be held monthly with the next class on the 20th of August.

What do I need to do?

Each class is approximatley 45 minutes long in groups of 4. Participants should come in active wear. It is £5 per session per person.

Book Today or contact us via email or by phone at 02920 099 400.