Brendon Samson

Travel Tips & Bits

One of our Physiotherapists, Brendon, is heading back to his native Canada for a few weeks in June, and before he left we just wanted to pick his brain on some tips he might have on dealing with the long flights, the long drives, and the jet lag.

Going away on vacation is always an exciting time, and I must say I’m particularly excited to be heading home to see some family, friends, and tie the knot with my wonderful wife to be. Now I’m sure this excitement alone might be enough to get me through the month, but there’s a few tips that I always try to follow when travelling across the Atlantic. Firstly, whether sitting in a plane or a car for extended periods, get up/ out and move. Whether that means taking a lap through the cabin, or chugging back some water so you have an excuse to run to the washrooms, it helps promote a change in position, gets your blood flowing, and gives you a bit of a mental break as well. Secondly, if you’re stuck in your seat and are the type who doesn’t like to get up in fear of upsetting those around you (that’s me…) then gentle exercise in your seat is always an option. Whether that’s just moving your joints through motion, or contracting your muscles while staying static (isometrics), I find it all helpful in staving off some stiffness and keeping moving even if only minutely. Lastly, I find keeping up with your regular exercise/ activity schedule can help make travel a bit easier. Exercise before a flight may help improve your sleep later if you’re catching the overnight ticket, and exercise after a long flight when it’s still light outside might help give you enough of a drive to make it through the day if you’re fading or succumbing to jet lag when travelling westward. For the first couple of days after travelling 4 + time zones I like to keep the exercise a bit lighter (light jog or long walk) as not to upset my already wacked out body clock. Hopefully you find some of these tips useful and they help you enjoy your vacation that much more! Now off to the Great White North!

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