Tom’s Road to London

So it’s fast approaching, the London marathon is only 5 days away and the excited energy is developing. Having gradually increased my mileage over the past 4 months my legs are in good shape (even if I do say so myself) and I am fortunate to be injury free.

I’ve tapered my training over the past week. I ran 20 miles about two weeks out from the marathon and I ran my final 6 mile run 6 days prior to the race. I’ve cross trained over the last few days, going cycling and swimming.

Despite my training programme, the home straight hasn’t all been plain sailing. Over the past few days I have developed a cold. I’ve taken on board extra vitamin C and managed the aching muscles via resting and taking regular paracetamol, alongside having a light sports massage, and now I’m pretty much back to being 100%.

I’m really looking forward to the race and the atmosphere of the day and hope to run close to my PB. See you on the other side!

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