Bianca Zietsman Sports Injury Specialist Agile Therapy

Bianca Zietsman

Sports Injury and Performance Specialist

Bianca Zietsman comes to Agile Therapy via South Africa with extensive experience in sports injury and performance since qualifying as a Dr in Chiropractic in 2012.

Bianca is a passionate healthcare provider and loves what she does and couldn’t ask for a better career. Sport has always been an integral part of Bianca’s life, in fact, it is through competing for South Africa in swimming, netball and touch rugby, that she realised she needed to help those suffering sports injury and trying to improve performance.

Bianca’s pursuit of sporting clinical excellence commenced during her studies where she undertook a sport driven dissertation in the neck function in elite female athletes. This research has won several awards at British Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) and Spine conferences. Bianca applies such ground breaking research in her every day practice. Bianca has used her research to work with elite team such as the Australian Rugby League team that won the World Cup in 2012.

As an evidence based practitioner Bianca uses the latest research to formulate diagnosis and influence her treatment protocol. Through clinical research with elite athletes Bianca also contributes to the research knowledge and is piloting a neck intervention study for the prevention of neck dysfunction which has just been accepted as part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) injury prevention conference in March 2017 in Monaco.

Bianca uses an integrated approach from manual treatments to exercise to neuro-muscular reprogramming and pain gating. Treatments will be an hour long and will consist of a head to toe approach incorporating the body with a full history and screening. If you have doubts about your injuries and or performance, then Bianca is your clinical guru.

Along being a sports injury and performance specialist, Bianca is also a current quadruple international referee in League, Union, Sevens and Touch rugby as well as still competing nationally in Touch and Sevens rugby. Bianca not only has a thorough grasp on the current research in her field she has an empathetic approach to her treatment of her athletes.