Ash Pigott

Ash Pigott

Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Aisling Pigott (Ash) is a Registered Dietitian. Dietitians are the only health professionals trained and regulated to give up to date nutrition advice. Ash has experience in a variety of healthcare, private and academic settings. As an evidenced based practitioner, she is passionate about de-bunking nutrition myths and diet culture whilst promoting health and well-being.

Key areas of interest and services

Media Expert

“Aisling is a joy to work with. She is always speedy, friendly and approachable, and—most importantly—highly knowledgeable and trustworthy.” Kashmira Gander: Features Writer – Newsweek

As seen on BBCNews, BBCWales, ITVWales, Radio5, Vogue magazine (and more). TV, Radio and Print. Aisling works closely with the media to ensure evidence based nutritional messages and expertise are available to a variety of sources. Ash was nominated for BDA Media Spokesperson of the year in 2018. Available for media comment and work.

Relationships with food

When it comes to weight, there is no one size fits all. Building a healthy relationship with food and self is key to health and wellbeing. Whether your goal is focused around weight, health conditions or anything else, Ash offers a sensible and patient-focused approach.
“Being thin, or beautiful or both does not make someone an expert in nutrition” Aisling Pigott Vogue Magazine

Sports Nutrition

“Aisling has a comprehensive knowledge of dietetics. She has assisted me with my nutrition when training for Ironman triathlon. She provided detailed advice based on my specific neweds which included controlling a sensitive blood sugar level with endurance training” Angharad Pocock- Ironman triathlete

* Ash is a keen ultra-endurance runner, with a passion for sports nutrition. She has previously worked as a Sports Nutrition Lecturer (University of South Wales). She has extensive experience with professional and amateur athletes.

Available services:

Ironman training package: 1 assessment and 3 follow up appointments (Value £280) available for £200

  • Individualised assessment of current nutritional status
  • Training nutrition planning
  • Monitoring
  • Bespoke race-day nutrition planning
  • Regular whats-app, phone calls and email contact
  • Group workshops or training

Early Years Nutrition

As a first time Mum and Paediatric specialist, Ash is ideally placed to understand evidence based guidance and practical application of some of the confusing and conflicting information around early years nutrition. Ash understands some of the anxieties and fears that we have around the health of our children, but believes there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when it comes to supporting our children to have a healthy relationship with food.

Available services:

Weaning (Introducing solid foods) package (£250)

  • Clinic assessment and information
  • 1 home visit (if required) and support with food preparation, setting and starting solids
  • 2 follow up appointments
  • Ongoing support via text, whatsapp or email until 1st birthday

Group weaning packages (4 or more) (£80 per family)

  • Group workshop
  • Individual appointment for each family
  • 2 x follow up appointments
  • Group support via group email or whatsapp group until 1st birthday

Other services available: Managing Faddy Eating, Managing the young athlete and Family Goals

Family Planning

Planning a family can be a difficult time. Nutrition plays a key role in conception and pregnancy. Building healthy relationships with food, self and managing weight pre (and during) pregnancies.