Sports Massage

Sports Massage. Who are they for? Why might you need one?

Sports massages are not only for injured athletes but can also offer numerous benefits to uninjured individuals who are looking to enhance sporting performance.

Intense training causes prolonged elevation of muscle tone in both the resting and the contractile states. This is often felt as muscle & by sportspeople and occurs particularly during periods of adaptation to an increase in volume or intensity of training.

Sports massage does not only increase the performance of elite athletes but can benefit a wide range of individuals who lead a stressful life which makes many feel achy, irritable and often unable to sleep due to muscle tightness which can be released through sports massage.

What can it do for you physically?
Sports massage can increase the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids around the body as the stroking movements of the massage suck fluid through blood vessels and lymph vessels bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cell.
Restores and enhances flexibility to tight sore muscles which reduces the risk of injury as it aids muscle balance and keeps you more agile.
Releases muscle pain by stimulating a release of natural endorphin’s; the bodies natural pain killer.

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