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Soft Tissue Release

Have you ever given much thought as to what makes deep tissue massage so effective? Have you wondered if all practitioners possess the same massage skills? Deep tissue massage is complex and it is comprised of various different techniques, therefore each practitioner has a unique skill set to adequately work and release the muscle ‘knots’ and loosen off the tissue.

I recently became familiar with the new technique called Soft Tissue Release (STR) which is fast becoming a more and more popular massage technique, with practitioners realising its benefits on many common chronic conditions including neck pain and shoulder impingement. This is an advanced massage technique and has proven to be one of the most effective and powerful techniques I have worked with.

It involves applying pressure to a muscle at the same time that the muscle is being stretched. This coordinated movement has a correcting effect on muscular imbalances, it works to increase range of movement, realign muscle fibres and ease out stubborn ‘knots’ (muscular adhesions). The rhythmic pressure through a stretch routine appeals to the language of your nervous system, enlisting it in re-programming your muscles.

What to expect during the session:

Expect to move around more than you would in a generic massage therapy session. The movement and the stretches during the sessions are part of what makes this technique so effective and powerful.

What you experience after the STR treatment:

  • It often feels “fantastic” as the lumps and knots are released and disappear.
  • Improved joint movement: You feel freer and you get a sense of increased flexibility.

Who can benefit from STR?

  • Injury treatment: STR facilitates lasting responses to rehabilitation programmes
  • Chronic pain: Helps alleviate the symptoms of pain
  • Maintenance: Treatment can identify early signs of soft tissue stress and address it
  • Physical jobs: Reducing pain from everyday activities
  • Static positions: Restoring freedom of movement to those static workers

So what are your thoughts on Soft Tissue Release? Are you struggling with shoulder or neck aches?

Why not give it a try and book a massage session to find out if it will work for your ‘stubborn’ muscles.

Need further convincing? Stay tuned for a case study showing how STR can help you!

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