Quadriceps and Patellar Tendon Ruptures

Young and old alike can suffer a quadriceps and patella tendon rupture. A high impact like landing from a jump or falling down could tear the tendon. This commonly happens in sports that involve running or jumping. When the forces through it exceed its tensile strength capabilities, the tendon can rupture. A rupture is painful, and a complete tear in the patellar tendon is incapacitating.

While anyone could rupture a patellar tendon, it is more common among males and may be different based on age. Those who are below 40 tend to rupture the big tendon in the front of the knee and below the kneecap; older generations, on the other hand, tend to rupture the tendon that attaches at top to the patella. In both cases, these injuries usually occur when the muscle is under a significant eccentric (lengthening type contraction) load.

An extensive and prolonged rehabilitation process will allow the patient to return to their pre-injury lifestyle and activities in almost every case, providing the patient follows the prescribed regimen. This includes performing the exercise routine aggressively and for the duration needed to re-develop the strength, endurance and proprioception of the entire core and lower extremities.

by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute. Read more here.

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