Physiotherapy Inservice

Our series of staff inservice continued this weekend with a presentation on the role and mindset of a Physiotherapist by David and Brendon. They began as Aisling did in her dietetics presentation, by discussing the importance and significance of being a registered, regulated and protected profession. They then touched on the variety of different areas you may find a Physiotherapist, leading into the more in depth discussion about a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and what you can expect upon visiting one.

Assessment by a Physiotherapist can last about an hour, in which they will gather a large amount of both subjective (e.g. history, goals, red flags) and objective (e.g. range/ quality of movement) information. Based on these findings, they are trained to act appropriately and either continue with intervention (treatment), or refer onwards. Intervention varies person to person, but usually includes each of the following: exercise (our bread and butter), education (discussing what we found, why it hurts, how to help), manual techniques (e.g. massage, mobilizations), and finally others (e.g. taping, acupuncture, modalities…).

Overall our Physiotherapists offer a thorough assessment and loaded treatment plan geared towards achieving your goals and leading towards self management. If you feel as though you may benefit from a visit with one of our Physiotherapists or have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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