New Year

New Year Resolutions, Diet Fads, and Much More

Happy New Year!

We thought we’d start 2016 by introducing you to a couple recent publications that our team Dietitian, Aisling Pigott, has been involved with as a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association regarding New Year resolutions, the recent “diet pill” debacle concerning Michelle Mone, and much more.

The first article that can be found in The Guardian discussed New Year resolutions to lose weight and the danger of fad diets. Throughout the article Ash talks about the importance of moderation, positive eating cues, and making a lifestyle change when trying to eat healthy and manage one’s weight rather than relying on diets that are not realistic or achievable in the long term.

Published in November of 2015 on the Daily Mail Online, Ash also spoke about Michelle Mone, a new appointee to the House of Lords, who recently took to Twitter advertising a brand of diet pills before Christmas. Ash, along with other professionals, reprimanded Baroness Mone for the abuse of her celebrity status, along with the message it sends regarding body image, diet, and weight loss.

Other publications that Ash has been involved with include (read more by clicking on the topic):

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If you find these topics interesting, and perhaps have further questions you would like to discuss with Ash about your New Year resolutions or weight management, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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