Espen Aag Holth Agile therapy

Espen Aag Holth


Espen Aag Holth, originally from Norway, qualified from the University of South Wales with a distinction in Master of Chiropractic.

Espen has always had an interest in sport and during his final year of studies he worked with a published sports chiropractor at Beddau RFC, a Welsh championship rugby union team. Here he learnt the importance of pre- and rehabilitation, concussion protocols, and assisted in ground-breaking research.

He was then selected to attend as a team leader and chiropractor at the 2016 European Touch Championships in Jersey. In addition he works with international women invitational rugby sevens team Dragons 7´s, and rugby league team South Wales Rabbithos.

Espen is an incredibly dedicated and aspirational member of the team. His ability to speak five languages is a valuable asset to Agile and as a chiropractor he is highly trained to recognise, diagnose, and treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions accordingly.