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Mobilisation with Movement Inservice

We had a great practical inservice last night on a branch of techniques known as mobilisation with movement (MWM). MWMs are a technique that can be quite useful in some cases to restore pain free range of motion or strength at a number of joints throughout the body. There is a wealth of research being done on the various techniques. For chronic ankle sprains, or those suffering from anterior ankle pain, MWMs have been shown beneficial in increasing range of motion and function (Cruz-Diaz et al, 2014). For some of those with tennis elbow, it has also been shown more effective than corticosteroid injection in the long term in relieving pain and restoring function (Bisset et al, 2006). So if these cases sound like you, or if you’re curious as to whether MWMs could help you, feel free to contact us at info@agiletherapy.com.

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